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There has been some back-and-forth going on in our opinion section in recent weeks on a subject that may sound boring but should inflame real passion for the sake of this community. It has to do with historically significant local archives and whether Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi cares enough about them to do right by them. Most prominent among these archives is the Dr. Hector P. Garcia collection.

The reason we all should be on full alert is that the Garcia collection isn't just about dead people and the past. It's about us and the future. This is our legacy, our heritage — a legacy and heritage that does not exclude people with surnames like Whitehurst. Don't kid yourselves, people not named Armando or Lupe, that Dr. Hector and his allies didn't change your lives for the better, too. Proper research and analysis of his and other local archives can and should rewrite American history as we know it.

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