The Foundation carries Dr. Hector's message today! 

Our President, Cecilia Garcia Akers has made dozens of presentations on Dr. Hector's life and legacy, meeting a major educational goal of the Foundation.

  1. 9/16/21-Dr. Hector P. Garcia Middle School Dallas, Texas-Zoom Presentation
  2. 9/15/21-Incarnate Word Academy-CC, Dr. Hector P. Garcia Texas State Recognition Day Mass honoring Dr. Garcia.
  3. 9/4/21-Heritage Park-CC Market Days Book Sales
  4. 8/24/21-Testimony provided to Texas House Committee on Public Education in opposition to SB 3 and HB 28
  5. 8/21/21-University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston announcement of the Foundation’s first recipient of Dr. Hector P. Garcia, M.D. scholarship
  6. 8/7/21-Heritage Park-CC Market Days Book Sales
  7. 7/3/21-Heritage Park-CC Market Days Book Sales
  8. 6/19/21-Sinton Market Days Book Sales
  9. 5/15/21-Sinton Market Days Book Sales
  10. 4/17/21-Sinton Market Days Book Sales
  11. 4/14/21-Interview for American GI Forum Mid-Year Conference by Yolanda Ayala
  12. 4/6/21-PSA about COVID 19 vaccine for Christus Spohn Health-CC
  13. 4/3/21-Heritage Park-CC Market Days Book Sales
  14. 3/27/21-Interview for Women’s History Month with KIII TV3-CC
  15. 3/20/21-Sinton Market Days Book Sales
  16. 3/6/21-Sinton Market Days Book Sales
  17. 2/11/21-Zoom Presentation with West Oso High School
  18. 10/1/20-Interview with Jay Wallace WFAA TV Dallas
  19. 9/22/20-Zoom Presentation with MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas
  20. 9/17/20-Dallas Holocaust Human Rights Museum Zoom Presentation
  21. 9/16/20-Interview with KIII TV3 about Dr. Hector P. Garcia Official Texas State Recognition Day
  22. 6/16/20-Radio Presentation on KLUP-San Antonio
  23. 3/20/20-Lecture Texas A&M University-CC Sense of Belonging
  24. 2/21/20-Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education
  25. 1/17//20-Dr. Hector P. Garcia Birthday Celebration
  26. 1/2/2020-KIII TV3 Interview regarding the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Birthday Luncheon
  27. 12/2/2020-University of Texas Medical Center Galveston School of Medicine Dr. Hector P. Garcia Endowed Scholarship Luncheon
  28. 11/23/19-Texas A&M University- CC Book Festival
  29. 11/12/19-Del Mar College-CC Lecture for Mexican American Studies
  30. 11/6/19-University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston School of Health Professionals Endowed Scholarship Luncheon
  31. 10/11/19-University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston Dr. Hector P. Garcia Awards Luncheon
  32. 9/24/19-Lecture Lone Star Collage Cypress, Texas
  33. 9/19/19-Dr. Hector P. Garcia Texas State Recognition Day Luncheon Mercedes, Texas
  34. 9/18/19-Dr. Hector P. Garcia Texas State Recognition Day Luncheon Del Mar College-CC
  35. 9/18/19-Book Talk McAllen Library, McAllen, Texas
  36. 9/4/19-Bullock Texas State History Museum Lecture
  37. 8/30/19-First Fellowship Award Texas A&M University-CC
  38. 8/27/19-South Park Middle School Photo Unveiled of Dr. Hector P. Garcia
  39. 7/20/19-Guest Speaker Mexican American Studies Del Mar College-CC

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