How to handle the stressful stages of house move

Finally you have got the new address and are excited to start the new chapter of your life after moving your all belongings from first location to another. According to several searches, moving is one of the most stressful tasks even more than divorce and getting a new job.

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Thankfully there are step you can take to control the whole process and follow the stages to minimize the stress level.

  1. Pre-move preparation- At this level, pre-movers are certainly procrastinating, assuming there is sufficient time to think about the move. But it is not actually. Many movers found themselves stressed because of the need to inform everyone about the changed address. So you should start the update process soon. Many new house movers also forget to inform their employer and their insurance company about the changed address. It can have a major impact if you receive the medicine, tax information and checks sent to your new house. If you haven’t planned to move yourself, you should take time to lock the movers that have moving insurance included in the package.

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  1. Now consider moving your items. How to start. Discard the unnecessary items before you move, it reduces the cost significantly of your house shift. If you want you can donate the unnecessary items for good will.
  2. Measure your new place before your move. If you have the items that will not suit at your new house, discard them. In many cases the furniture that didn’t fit in the new place is moved out of the list of inventory.
  3. If you cannot find things quickly after the house shift, it stresses you a lot. You can avoid it to happen by labeling the boxes. Keep the printouts of room, contents, fragile and box number to organize your packing. Write down the suitable words on the sheets to stick on the boxes while you are filling them.
  4. People usually get messed in packing up their belongings and forget to pack a bag for themselves. IDs, passports and essential paperwork you may require and personal electronic equipments, chargers, clothes, medicines and some basic toiletries. Keeping this bag aside can help you get the things immediately instead searching through large number of boxes to find your comb.
  5. Anticipate that things may take longer than it appear and so make some planning and be flexible. Get a cash tip for your movers to prevent looking for money during the relocation. Keeping a 20% tip or more or less based on your financial situation and customer satisfaction.
  6. Keep some money to order takeout. Some house owners prefer food delivery to manage the things while some prefer having chilled wine to relieve the tiredness.
  7. You are not a superman so do not unpack everything in one day. Do it lowly, room by room and soon you will find everything done perfectly. You will feel relaxed and your  house is well organized.
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